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Recent blog posts

Posted on in Web Development
 Website load and update speeds are not only a critical factor for the user experience; they are also a main factor in your search engine page rankings.   Site speed depends...
Tagged in: optimize responsive

Posted on in Web Design
Design Process
  We find nearly everyone starts their website design or redesign process focusing on the appeal of the logos, graphics, color schemes, navigation and layouts.    Rightly so, as for...
Tagged in: branding graphics

Posted on in Web Development
Mobile Design
Responsive Web Design (RWD) Sends the same code or instructions to to both mobile and desktop devices; the device identifies the code that is applicable.  For example; the developer may...
Tagged in: mobile responsive

Posted on in Web Development
Mobile App
When is a mobile app the best option? Remember your mobile phone and tablet are primarily just computers with a wireless connection; those computers have incredible computational capabilities.   A "mobile-app”...
Tagged in: mobile

Posted on in Internet Marketing
Before you start your website design, upgrade or redesign process; stop and identify specifically:  1. What you want to accomplish 2. How you will measure your sites success      ...
Tagged in: optimize

Posted on in Internet Marketing
  Most visitors to your website will decide within the 'first 10 seconds' if they will ever find what they want on your website.      You may have what they...
Tagged in: optimize SEO
      The web is a unique medium You have access to the world, millions of new potential customers for your products and information.   But consider that those potential...
Tagged in: eCommerce optimize SEO
    'Search-engine' versus 'print' advertising. Since 2008 more customers have been using the web search-engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) than using the 'yellow pages'; currently over 2/3 of searches rely...
Tagged in: branding SEO Technology

Posted on in Website technologies
The key to accessing the internet resides on your computer or mobile device; it's called a web browser; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, to name the most common.   Mobile devices...
Tagged in: Technology

Posted on in Website technologies
Cloud hosting diagram
What is the “cloud”? The cloud is software that allows the computing capacity of computers or servers on the internet to be shared.  The concept of the cloud can be...
Tagged in: Technology

Posted on in Internet Marketing
The way we communicate and share has forcefully changed the approach of advertisers and marketers forever. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other social networks. have revolutionized marketing from an "at" the...

Posted on in Internet Marketing
Should I update or redesign my website? If not now, when? These questions are generally not answered with a simple yes or no. Below are some guidelines that may help you...

Posted on in Internet Marketing
Increasing Web Traffic
Let me start by saying there is no one single thing or action that will increase traffic to your website. A combination of several techniques will maximize traffic to your...
Tagged in: optimize SEO

Posted on in Internet Marketing
Advertising durring recession for 2 1/2 times higher sales
Benefits of marketing when others are trimming back advertising budgets. We only have history as a guide; understanding that history is based primarily on print, radio and TV advertising. There are...
Tagged in: SEO
Website search engines include; Google, Yahoo, Bing, to name a few of the largest. The objective of SEO is to improve the volume and or quality of traffic to a...
Tagged in: optimize SEO