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Web Development

Mobile Design
It is no small feat developing a website with visual appeal that functions and flows properly for a desktop computer; that challenge will be multiplied exponentially for a mobile site....
Tagged in: graphics mobile

Posted on in Web Development
 Website load and refresh speeds are not only critical for the user; they are also a main factor in your search engine page rankings.  Site speed depends on:Bandwidth distribution for...
Tagged in: optimize responsive

Posted on in Web Development
Mobile Design
Responsive Web Design (RWD) Sends the same code or instructions to to both mobile and desktop devices; the device identifies the code that is applicable.  For example; the developer may...
Tagged in: mobile responsive

Posted on in Web Development
Mobile App
When is a mobile app the best option? Remember your mobile phone and tablet are just computers with a wireless connection; those computers have incredible capabilities.   A "mobile-app” is a computer program,...
Tagged in: mobile