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Speed Matters

on in Web Development

 Website load and refresh speeds are not only critical for the user; they are also a main factor in your search engine page rankings. 

Site speed depends on:b2ap3_thumbnail_speed.png

  • Bandwidth distribution for the area
  • Connection speed of the user device
  • Content weight and functionality of the page, etc. 
  • Perhaps the largest factor and the one that has to do most with your google page rank, is the 'behind the scenes code' that makes up the web page. 


Content versus function

Before code or image optimization can take place, a balance between content and functionality needs to be found.  This balance is found by determining the main points and goals of the page and eliminating everything else.  Simply removing that extra sliding banner image, that slightly opaque background, or that forced survey ad, can reduce requests to the server and improve speed dramatically!


Clean concise code that delivers server instructions in the optimal order, that compresses images, that eliminates unnecessary requests to the server can take seconds from website load and refresh times.   Your web developer should be familiar with; cookie lists - static content, content delivery networks (CDN) as well as code compression and minification; to name a few optimization methodologies.

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