Optimizing User Experience

    • Graphic design appeal
    • Intuitive functionality/usability
    • Optimization: tools, analysis, feedback and support

    Security - Security - Security

    • Test & Monitor
    • Feedback & Correction

    Branding - Graphic design 



    Database development 

    • Custom & semi-custom databases
    • Existing database maintenance & interface (APIs)

    Advanced technologies  

    • Security - initial design; ongoing testing & analysis
    • Website code optimization
    • Audio, Video, Webinars, Animation & Flash
    • Web apps 
    • Content Management Systems - CMS 
    • Responsive web design (RESS) 

     Existing website support and maintenance 



    Mobile Website

    Do not ignore mobile! For 1 in 4 US households their mobile device is their only or principle access to the internet.

    There are 3 main approaches to mobile design: 

    • Responsive designs, which in essence asks the browser on your device how to display the website.  
    • URL Redirects, which send users to a separate site for mobile devices
    • Dynamic Serving, which returns different code to mobile browsers

    Mobile Apps

    Due to the added costs and development time, the most effective 'Mobile Apps' address:  

    • Interactive gaming... e.g. Angry Birds
    • Personalized regular app use: e.g. format for keeping a list
    • Complex Web App Calculations: banking or stocks
    • Access to device functionality required: GPS, camera, phone
    • Offline access is required: either content or device features


  • Web Application Hosting

    Web Application Hosting

    Full Service cloud hosting provider 

    • Website setup, maintenance and backups
    • Domain Registration
    • Email; setup, migration and smart phone support
    • Website statistics and analytics
    • Tech support
    • Cloud Migration

     Advanced Options:

    • e-commerce 
    • Credit-Card Secure hosting:  PCI-DSS Compliant   
    • URL Redirects  
    • Secure/Anti-Spam Forms
    • Audio/Video Streaming 
    • Social Media Setup 



  • Internet Marketing

    Internet Marketing

    The most effective marketing strategies combine elements of:  

    Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) 

    • Initial Website Architecture
    • Tags and Keywords
    • Relevant Content 

    Search Engine Marketing  (SEM) 

    • PPI - Pay per Impression
    • PPC - Pay per Click
    • CPO - Cost per Order 
    • Affiliate Marketing

    Social Media Tactics 

    • Blogs as a tool
    • eWOW - Electronic word of Mouth
    • Target advertising


  • E-Commerce


    e-Commerce brings; buyers, sellers and producers together using the internet

    Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

    • Virtual Storefronts
    • On-line Catalogs
    • Secured Credit Card Processing

    Business-to-Business (B2B)

    • EDI - Electronic Data Exchange

    Security - Security - Security

    • PCI-DSS Compliant Hosting